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Wren’s Ranch is named in honor of Wren Johnson, my Father. Just as He introduced me to firearm sports, it is my wish for other parents to do the same for their families. We strongly support the right to own and use firearms, and are very interested in training you and your families for proper and safe use.

We also enjoy competition and will hold various events as we get rolling, such as Bowling pin shoots, Turkey shoots, Bullseye Pistol matches and so forth.

There will be a Safety Orientation Class, which you will be required to attend. This class is only required one time as long as your membership remains current. We will notify you of the various dates and times available for this class. All memberships expire on December 31 and must be renewed prior to January 1st to keep your place, and from having to attend the Safety Orientation Class again. Hand gun proficiency test will also be required to obtain your new badge and key. Check in with management for test dates and times.

We look forward to working AND playing with you !!!

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